Barnsbury Primary School and Nursery Barnsbury Primary School and Nursery
Believe Persevere Succeed

Our Values, Mission and Aims

Believe, Persevere, Succeed

Our Values

At Barnsbury we aim to provide a safe, caring and friendly environment for all our pupils to allow them to learn effectively, improve their life chances and help them to maximise their potential.

Values education plays an integral role in enhancing the quality of every aspect of school life for all its pupils. In order to create a secure, caring atmosphere and an ethos of mutual trust and respect we believe that it is important to foster a climate of understanding, acceptance and encouragement within the school where each child’s worth is acknowledged and valued.

The school embraces the Values Education which it delivers. This encompasses all interactions in school, between pupils and staff, amongst staff and amongst pupils. We aim for our Values to show through everything that is said and done in school. Via a two year cycle, the school focuses on a monthly Value which is explored via assemblies, class reflection, PSHCE lessons and circle time. Our values are:

  • Year A: Peace, Honesty, Care, Patience, Appreciation, Faith, Cooperation, Freedom, Respect, Friendship, Unity.
  • Year B: Quality, Courage, Responsibility, Thoughtfulness, Determination, Love, Hope, Tolerance, Happiness, Understanding, Trust.

The school strives to live the Values based curriculum programme which it delivers. This encompasses all aspects of teaching and learning in school but particularly focuses on PSHCE, RE and through development of ‘life skills.’


At Barnsbury Primary School the development of the “whole child” is central to our philosophy. Having analysed the needs of our pupil groups, school population and the wider Barnsbury community, we have developed a curriculum package and consistent approach to Teaching for Learning which meets our pupils’ developing needs, promotes progress, and provides good pastoral support. Our curriculum is underpinned by four key beliefs:


We believe in building strong links between home and school, with those around us and across the world. Our environment matters to us and we will do all we can to care for it.

At Barnsbury, we work together at all times to achieve the best for our children and their families. Our open door policy and eagerness to involve parents and the wider community in our children’s learning and everyday school life has fostered strong and positive relationship. We also work closely with many outside agencies for the well being of all children.

Barnsbury collaborates in partnership with networks of schools, locally and across Surrey to bring benefits to our own and each others’ pupils and schools.  We actively utilise the skills and talents of external community providers to lead a wealth of activities and opportunities in order to further enhance our curriculum during and out of school hours. The school has a commitment to teaching global and environmental awareness and fostering in our staff and pupils a willingness to improve life for others through charitable work locally and in other countries.


We believe that happy children learn best. We work together to understand ourselves and each other. We develop our personal values and bring them to life in all we do.

The school strives to live the values based curriculum programme which it delivers. This encompasses all aspects of teaching and learning in school but particularly focuses on PSHCE, Citizenship, R.E. We aim for our values to show through everything that is said and done in school by all members of our school community. 

We firmly believe that “happy children learn best” and are committed to providing an environment where all pupils feel valued and are able to learn and play together in a caring, happy, co-operative and safe atmosphere. It is the responsibility of children, staff, governors and parents to ensure that high standards are maintained in an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust, honesty, openness, fairness and consistency.


We believe in providing the best opportunities for everyone to achieve their potential. We work hard to provide support and challenge and to make learning fun for all. Our pupils have a voice.

We acknowledge and recognise every child’s entitlement to education as identified by the National Curriculum. However, we actively challenge new initiatives and analyse the benefits for our pupils before adapting our processes – we aim to be a “learning school” at all levels. The staff at Barnsbury Primary are a valuable resource – it is their impact which has the greatest effect on learning – we therefore aim to ensure their training and development is central to school improvement.

We enable learners at all levels by providing support socially, pastorally, physically and academically to enable all pupils to have equal access to learning. While our philosophy remains solid, our practices from year to year are therefore adapted to meet pupil needs more effectively, e.g. grouping of two small Year 5 classes, the work of our EAL and Social Care teams.

Our pupils’ views are heard and we give serious consideration to their ideas when any adaptations are made to the curriculum, values or skills philosophy. We value the pupils’ feedback and regularly ask for them to reflect on how the school operates to ensure that they remain at the heart of all that we are trying to achieve.


We offer a creative curriculum in a safe, caring and well resourced environment. Good learning opportunities for all promote the raising of standards and the development of outstanding leaders for the future.

We believe that, as teachers, we need to get it right – our pupils have one chance at primary education and their time at school is short, precious and cannot be repeated. We strive to provide a quality education, to reflect critically on our practices and to adapt and develop our strategies to ensure we offer the most appropriate learning opportunities at all times. We aim for the education we provide to take children confidently into the secondary phase of their education and beyond, as lifelong learners.

With this in mind, we aim to teach our children to recognise and apply sets of skills during their learning opportunities. These skills are age and year group appropriate and are chosen to be built upon year on year, enhancing learning.

Growth Mind Set

The growth mind-set culture truly encapsulates our Believe, Persevere, Succeed motto and is helping both staff and children to consider learning in a different way. The children understand that in order to learn they must be brave and make mistakes and this allows them to tackle challenges they wouldn't have attempted before. We truly believe a fixed mind-set is a huge barrier to learning and by developing growth mind-sets at Barnsbury we will ensure children do not give up, relish a challenge, learn from mistakes and persevere until they see success.   The success of this culture is seen through attitudes in every classroom, where both children and adults challenge themselves daily to progress and learn.  Growth Mind-set is promoted through displays, assemblies, and stories.