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Acorns Curriculum/Learning

Learning Objectives

what we will be learning in class this week:

Week Commencing Monday 20th November 2017



Literacy- We will be encouraging the children to use more complex sentences, describing in more detail what they are doing. The adults will be modelling sentences that they can use. 

We will also be encouraging the children to join in with their favourite stories and repeating elements of their favourite stories.  The children are getting very good at being able to fill in the missing words or phrases from their favourite stories.   

We will also be encouraging the children ask us questions about what we are doing and the activities we do.


Maths- We will be encouraging the children to recite numbers from 1-10, in order. This is in addition to using number names and language spontaneously through their play and songs. We will also be helping them to try and recognise numbers 1-10 in print around the learning environment.



We are enjoying our topic of Nursery rhymes and we will be focusing on some of the old fashioned nursery rhymes as well as some of the more commonly known ones.

General Information



Whole School Curriculum plan 2017/18

National Primary Curriculum


Parent Planners 

Each term, before the children embark on their learning in a new topic, we send home a Parent Topic Planner explaining for parents and carers the learning opportunities across the curriculum that each child will receive. Teachers select and suggest useful websites and places to visit which will enhance and prepare the child for the topic they are about to start. There are also useful dates and a bank of topic words that families may choose to talk through with their children. 

Acorns Parent Planner Autumn 2017


New Academic Year Parents Information Meeting Presentation  

Click here to see the Acorns New Academic Year, parents information presentation


Growth Mindset Presentation